as little as 90 days

This video is just 9 minutes long, and it could change your life by finally putting you in a creative career that you’re passionate about.


And within 5 minutes of teaching my first apprentice ever...I knew why.
  • I realized ONE THING that could have changed everything for me... That could have shaved years off the learning curve... And help me start making money as an artist fast. 
  • This ONE THING can help even brand-new artists start turning out solid tattoos in a matter of weeks instead of years... And in a moment I’ll share exactly what it is.
But first, let me introduce myself.

My name’s Brandon

And ever since I learned that one thing, I’ve been able to help aspiring tattoo artists like yourself break into the industry and start tattooing professionally in a matter of months
Imagine that in 90 days from now - just 3 months - you’re working full time, support your family as a professional tattoo artist.
That’s what I’m doing right now, and I’m excited to show you how to do it too...but it wasn’t always like this.
Like so many kids, I dreamed of having a cool, creative job.

The first time i got tattooed, I realized that that was what i wanted to do for the rest of my life - travel for art and live a free life.

But getting there wasn’t the inspiring journey I thought it would be.
I clawed my way into the industry, going through three abusive apprenticeships.
I got yelled at by mentors for not being perfect...
And I got laughed at by a shop owner when I told them I wanted to open my own studio one day.
I skipped meals and spend every night struggling to sleep because I was so anxious that tattooing wouldn’t work out.

It wasn’t until I was finally tattooing full time in my own studio and took on my first apprentice that I realized why it had been so incredibly hard for me to break into the industry.

Because I tried to teach him the exact same way my mentors taught me: day by day, with no real plan.
I remember one day, I took apart his machine before he got to the shop so that he’d have to learn how to put it back together with no help…
After struggling for a while, he’d actually broken a part so that it became impossible to fix…
And I felt so bad, I bought him a new machine.
It hit me that forcing him to do something like that without any help from me was a toxic test that I’d carried over from my own apprenticeship.

If I wanted him to learn fast instead of taking the years it took me to learn...

Then I needed to give him what I’d never had...

I needed to give him the one most important thing you need when learning ANY new skill.

Because I’d never been given that important key...
I had to run in circles for years...
Learning bad habits and piecing together tiny pieces of information on my own.
And when I reframed how i taught that apprentice - and all the other aspiring artists after him, 
I saw the effect that one change made...
And suddenly there i was...

Seeing new artists achieve in weeks what had taken me years.

Fast forward to today, I’m helping artists all over the world avoid the years of pain and suffering I went through.

I get to help them build a career in a matter of months and completely turn their lives around.
They’re finally able to quit a job that killed their creativity or put their kids through a good school or finally break out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

and today, i’m going to give you one thing that all aspiring tattoos are missing... and most never find.

It’s inside the Artist Accelerator Program and it’s the ONE THING that allows you to *actually* see progress by building your skills fast.

And that one thing…is the 3-phase structured learning path That gives you the building blocks you need to level up in the correct order.

Here’s how the Artist Accelerator will turn you into a professional tattoo artist using those 3 phrases:
Me and a team of professional tattoo artists have broken down the entire process of learning to tattoo into bite-sized pieces that help you create a  foundation and build your skills. Once you see the structure we’ve implemented, you’ll instantly see why it’s been so hard for you to learn in the past. And you’ll follow right along as we walk you through everything you need to know through high-quality video modules - just like you’re watching over our shoulder in the shop.


In the first phase of your structured learning path, we’ll cover the basics: mindset, sanitation, and shop knowledge.

This is where we’ll prepare for the journey, make sure you fully understand how to keep yourself and your clients safe before you even touch a tattoo machine, and understand the ins and outs of running a studio so you can work confidently as a professional artist.


In the second phase, we focus on the art side of tattooing, as well as equipment.

Here, you’ll learn how to develop stunning tattoo designs, build your portfolio, and complete exercises that will directly translate into tattooing skills. You’ll also get an in-depth look at all the equipment you’ll be using as a tattoo artist, learn how to take care of your materials properly, and get clear on what you need to have at your station to tattoo like a professional.


In the third and final phase, you’ll begin tattooing.

We’ll walk through all the skills professional tattoo artists use every single day like lining, packing, and shading to get your skills shop-ready. We’ll also show you how to find shops to work in and how to approach asking for a job as a new tattoo artist.

With the steps mapped out like this...

You won’t end up running in circles and missing pieces of information - you’ll constantly be moving forward, which is why many of our students complete the program in as little as 90 days.
So here’s what you need to do next.

if you really want to learn to do great tattoos...

That give you a completely new career with no side gigs, no worrying about not having customers, and no years-long apprenticeship where you get unstructured, random lessons in exchange for 60 hours a week of your labor for free...

You need to get this.

It’s the only program of its kind that takes you from complete beginner - that includes aspiring artists with no drawing experience - to a professional tattoo artist working in a shop in as little as 90 days.

check out what our students have to say


read our 5-star reviews

Get the exact program they’ve used to start working full-time or even open their own studios

Sammi Newell
Since completing the program Sammi has opened her studio, Sphinx Tattoo and is now booked out for months in advance.
Wes Snyman
Wes changed careers and started tattooing with no experience. 7 months later he has his own studio and more clients than he can handle.
Amanda Robertson
Amanda went from a complete beginner to building up a steady clientele and is now transitioning into tattooing full time.
Now, I know what you’re thinking…

if i’m helping you bypass the normal apprenticeship...

Giving you everything I’ve learned after working in the industry for over a decade…
And making it as easy as possible for you to have your dream career…
Then I must be charging an arm and a leg.
And some people are.
There are tattoo schools out there that only cover the basics that charge thousands of dollars for a weekend seminar…

And apprenticeships require years of work for free.

To put that in perspective:

Two years just working minimum wage is worth $30,000.
In comparison, a few thousand dollars in exchange for a decade of experience and over 500 video modules showing you everything you need to know to go pro…
Doesn’t seem like a bad deal. Which is why the original price for this program was $3,000. To be fair, most artists who graduate from the program can make more than that in a week or two.
But until you’re making that type of money… three thousand dollars can seem like a mountain of money. I’ve been there.

So, I thought maybe I’ll cut it in half.

But I remember when I was first starting out and barely scraping by… that four-figure price would still have been out of reach.

So, I decided to take it even further.

I cut the price to $597.

That way, you’ll be able to make the money back for the whole program by doing just one sleeve tattoo.
But to make sure you’re getting as much value as possible, you’ll be getting three major bonuses for free.

bonus 1

exclusive online Mastermind group

First, you’ll gain access to our exclusive online Mastermind Community. 
Here you’ll join the conversation and find encouragement and inspiration alongside other aspiring tattoo artists…
Get feedback and personalized advice on your work from professional tattoo artists…
And get your questions answered so you never feel stuck again.
For many of our students, this is one of the most valuable parts of the program. 
And you’ll gain lifetime access to this group at no cost.

bonus 2

30-Day Flash Challenge

Second, you’ll be getting our 30-Day Flash Challenge program for free.
This challenge will walk you through the process of creating tattoo designs in all different styles so you can feel confident with any piece a client might ask for…
And prepare you get into a studio when you’re done with the program by helping you build a world-class portfolio full of designs that any shop owner would love to see. 
We normally sell this program on its own for $275…
But you’ll be getting it 100% free when you join the Artist Accelerator.

bonus 3

entire library of artist interviews

And for your third bonus…
You’ll be getting our library of Artist Interview Recordings.
These are conversations with industry leaders and exceptional artists where you’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of the tattoo industry, be inspired by different art mediums, and learn from business professionals so you’re ready to run your own business and be your own boss when you complete the program.
We traveled around the world to talk to these artists and experts…
And poured thousands of dollars into gaining the knowledge that’s revealed in these recordings.
And you’ll be getting them all for free with the Artist Accelerator.

I know that even with all this…

  • The full Artist Accelerator Program with over 500 tattoo tutorial videos…
  • And Interview Recordings...
  • ​And the 30-day Flash Challenge
  • ​And access to the Mastermind community where you can get advice and feedback from professional tattoo artists…

$597 can still be a hard pill to swallow - especially if you’re supporting a family.

So, I’m going to do 2 things to make sure this works for you.

First, there’s going to be a payment plan option when you checkout, if you need it. 

$59 bucks a month in 12 installments will get you access to all the same stuff.

Second, I’m going to give you a money-back guarantee.

This puts all the risk on me.
Now, I know that you’ll be able to scroll through the program in just two minutes and see if this has the information you need to move forward as a tattoo artist.
But I’m going to give you a full 30 days.
Try out the program, explore the modules, and if you don’t think it can help you achieve your goals as a tattoo artist…
Then email me at within 30 days, and I’ll refund every penny. 

So, to recap: When you join the Artist Accelerator...


you’ll be getting a proven method with over 500 video modules...

Created with a structured learning path with aspiring tattoo artists like you in mind so you can build your skills fast and start working full time as a professional tattoo artist in as little as 90 days.

bonus 1

You’ll also be getting the 30-Day Flash Challenge

That will build out your portfolio - a portfolio that any tattoo shop owner would love to see - for FREE…

bonus 2

And you’ll also be getting recordings of all our live artist interviews

Fom professional artists, tattooers, and business owners all over the world so you can learn from leaders in the industry and learn from their experience - for FREE…

bonus 3

And you’ll gain access to our members-only online community

Where you can ask questions, get feedback on your work from professional tattoo artists, and connect with like-minded artists to help inspire and encourage you in your journey - for FREE.

You’ll be getting everything you need to know to become a professional tattoo artist for just $597 or 12 installments of $59

And a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel it’s not the right program for you - no questions asked.
So click the button below to join the Artist Accelerator Program now.


Lifetime Access
Easy, secure
one-time payment
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​Artist Accelerator Program
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!


If you don’t think it’s worth this small investment (literally less than one tattoo session) then we’re happy to give you all your money back


Payment Plan
Lifetime access
12 monthly payments
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​Artist Accelerator Program
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!

Now, some people ask “What if I don’t have the time to learn to tattoo?”

I’ll be the first to admit that we don’t all have the same 24 hours in a day - and I hate it when online gurus and coaches say that.

Because when I was learning to tattoo...

I had cheap rent, no children, and no major responsibilities yet.
That’s a lot different than someone who’s working two jobs to provide for their family.
But here’s the thing: For busy people with family and friends that rely on them…
This is the only way they’ll be able to make time.
Working fulltime for free as an apprentice is out of the question…
But squeezing in some learning here and there is possible and I’ve seen people use this program to become artists with their own studios while working fulltime and caring for their kids.
But that’s because they aren’t just dreamers…
They’re doers.

But if you ended up on this page…and you made it far into the video...

I’m going to bet you’re a doer too.

And if you know you’re willing to do what needs to get done to reach that career…

But the reason you haven’t clicked the button yet is because you’re worried about making a bad decision…
Maybe you are!
But what if you’re not?

Let’s be real about what will happen in the worst case scenario.

Let’s say you join the course and make the investment into your dream career…
And you hate the program.
All you have to do is message me and I’ll issue a refund and you get all your money back. 
That is the worst thing that can happen.

But what if it works…

What if your gut instinct that’s telling you that now is the time for you to take the leap and go for it…is right?
What if you fall in love with tattooing…
And finally unlock the creativity that you know is trapped inside of you?
After all, the worst thing is you get a full refund and waste just a few minutes checking the program out. 
But the best-case scenario is one that will change your life by allowing you to support your family with your art, become your own boss, and take control of your career and your life.

let’s do that right now.

Click the button below to join the Artist Accelerator Program.


Lifetime Access
Easy, secure
one-time payment
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​Artist Accelerator Program
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!


If you don’t think it’s worth this small investment (literally less than one tattoo session) then we’re happy to give you all your money back


Payment Plan
Lifetime access
12 monthly payments
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​Artist Accelerator Program
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!

check out the work of some of our students

Others with zero drawing experience and no knowledge of the tattoo industry have used this program to start working professionally in a studio.

Nina quit her accounting job, learned to tattoo, and opened her own busy studio in less than a year…
Austin quit his 4am wakeup calls as a construction worker and now controls his own schedule as a professional tattoo artist…
Heather transitioned to a tattooing career without ever going a week without a paycheck while caring for her son and paying a mortgage…
Justin escaped a dead-end apprenticeship where he’d learned nothing for 6 months, and learned online. He’s now winning awards at tattooing conventions…

These are just a few of the hundreds of success stories that other aspiring artists have experienced in just the last two years...