as little as 90 days

This video is just 9 minutes long, and it could change your life by finally putting you in a creative career that you’re passionate about.

In just 90 days you could be
working as a professional tattoo artist, charging $100 an hour for your skills.

  • That’s because there’s a little-known tattoo protocol that’s being used by aspiring artists just like you to skip the years-long apprenticeship and break into the tattoo industry in as little as 90 days.
  • This protocol is the same one that over 4000 artists have already used to start making $900, $2000, even $5000 per week tattooing full time after spending years in dead-end jobs that crushed their creativity.

My name’s Brandon

And while you might have seen me on YouTube the past few years…
I’ve been working full time in the tattoo industry for over a decade now, and today I own my own tattoo studio here in Tennessee.
I’m able to comfortably support my family solely through tattooing…
I’ve broken out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle…
And it’s all thanks to the fact that I get to be my own boss as a tattooer.
The reason I’ve been able to help others do the same in record time is because I’ve been able to build a proven protocol while most “mentors” only dole out random pieces of info that never seem to fit together.

It could save you years of frustration and effort…with one simple system.

It takes as little as 90 days
with no crazy fees or working for free to “earn” your tattoo education. In fact, this program is fast and there’s no risk for you at all.

And it’s all possible because the control in placed in your hands to unlock new tattooing skills anytime, anywhere - regardless of where you are right now on your tattooing journey…
By breaking down the process of learning to tattoo into a 3-phase system that gives you all the same information you’d get in a traditional apprenticeship.

This method gets you past the gatekeeping and into the industry

without having to get “permission” from a mentor or tattoo studio…and there’s nothing they can do about it.
This is the same exact program being used by moms, students, restaurant servers, construction workers, nurses, truck drivers, and more who need to keep their jobs and learn to tattoo fast so they don’t go a week without a paycheck.
These students are located all around the world and in every state across the U.S…

And now, you’re getting the exact program they’ve used to start working full-time or even open their own studios.

Sammi Newell
Since completing the program Sammi has opened her studio, Sphinx Tattoo and is now booked out for months in advance.
Wes Snyman
Wes changed careers and started tattooing with no experience. 7 months later he has his own studio and more clients than he can handle.
Amanda Robertson
Amanda went from a complete beginner to building up a steady clientele and is now transitioning into tattooing full time.

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After going through years of hard work and three different apprenticeships, I finally started working full time. But that meant that I began to see other apprentices come through and suffer just like I had. It was painful to re-live my own experiences by watching it happen to other artists again and again, and I knew I wanted to help those new artists so they wouldn’t get screwed over like I did. 

But there’s only much space inside a tattoo studio.

And that’s when I realized...

an apprenticeship is basically watching over your mentor’s shoulder.

this is how me and a few other tattoo artists began recording our processes...

...while explaining everything we did as we did it.
Little did we know that this would lead to the creation of the world’s most comprehensive online tattooing program...
Creating a side door into the industry that thousands of artists have used while learning on their own time, in their own homes without ever going a week without a paycheck.

Not only are new artists using this program to get into the industry in 90 days as opposed to several years...

But we’ve had over 4000 artists follow our proven process, with many of them opening their own tattoo studios, traveling for their art, winning awards at tattooing conventions, and more.

This has worked so well for our students

That our community of online learners are working in almost every state across the country with dozens of them opening studios worldwide.

Learning at your own pace online means

  • You don’t have to scrub tubes, clean toilets, or spend your time on coffee runs.
  • ​And answering phones as a shop apprentice...
  • And you don’t have to sacrifice your income to work 60+ hours for a mentor for free.
  • ​And this has nothing to do with all the “steps” that artists say you
have to do to earn your stripes and your place in the industry.

That’s why it has only been known by a small group of artists... until now.

This “side door” into the industry is something artists who went through traditional apprenticeships want to discredit - 

because they think the hard path they took should be the only way in.

Because all you need is your computer and an internet connection... get the same information and experience in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process in as little as 90 days and break into the industry without having to get approval from anyone else but yourself.
Because right now, the free labor of apprentices is how their shops stay afloat. If someone can get in without their say so, they can lose their ownership over the industry... and they resent it.

can you believe that?

this is because too many tattoo artists have a scarcity mindset.

They think new artists will mean fewer clients - and less money - for them, and they want to decide who is allowed in... and who isn’t.
Because the fewer artists there are, the less they have to improve their own work to keep up with new talent entering the industry.

But in addition to getting into the industry quickly by giving themselves permission...

This new protocol isn’t just teaching artists how to tattoo…they’re discovering how to start their own business.
Because when you view your tattooing as a business, you’re not just taking one tattoo at a time...
You’re setting yourself up for a reliable stream of income that supports yourself and your family.
That’s how people just like you are leaving jobs they hate, while freeing themselves...
From the stressful paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and choosing which bills to pay.

Let me show you exactly how you can learn to tattoo from home, so you can walk into any studio...

and get offered a job on the spot.

8 years ago, i took on my first apprentice and decided to try out my new approach.

I refused to drag things out and instead, began teaching them what they needed to know from Day 1. 

They started making money tattooing in a fraction of the time most apprentices take with less effort...

So I began giving the same advice and help out to aspiring artists online in different Facebook groups and forums.
...and in turn, these artists learning from home were no longer stuck and started to see progress after years of being stagnant.
With the proof that online learning worked, me and a few other artists put all our knowledge into a course

And soon, artists were getting into the industry left, right, and center
Without having ever worked in a studio before at all.

Think about this!

Early on in 2020...the world didn’t wait.

Students learned over zoom. 
Work from home not only became the new normal... even doctors earned their degrees through online lectures.

Every other industry made this shift to online platforms and still saw great results.

And while some people hate to admit it, tattooing was able to make the same shift.
The last time something like this happened was when digital art got introduced into the industry
Old school artists thought it’d destroy tattooing - but it actually allowed artists to work better, faster... 
Helping tattooing become a billion-dollar industry in the US.

When i realized online learning truly worked...

I noticed that tattoo artists became more defensive about protecting their secrets,
and the dark side of learning online came out as more and more misinformation begin to spread online. 

The artists who found the right information and learned to tattoo properly were thriving…

They had a never-ending stream of customers…
They had no problems paying their bills...
Their work was in demand so they could raise their hourly rates...
...The list goes on.

On the other hand, the artists who ended up with the wrong information Found themselves struggling to make even minor improvements.

They got slammed online for doing bad tattoos on their friends and family...
And worse, they were risking their own health and the health of their clients by not tattooing properly.
I also realized that even the artists who got apprenticeships were on a slippery slope,
in an economy that made it impossible to live without second and third jobs 
while their mentors refused to help them reach the next level and let go of their free labor.

Remember, most shop owners keep the back end of their shops running through the free labor of apprentices.

And it’s all because these artists went through their own apprenticeships and feel like everyone else should have to do it, too…
Because they feel that they are owed your free labor just because they didn’t stand against the exploitative system that today we’re going to break.

once you start using this easy-to-follow system You’ll know exactly how to avoid the mountains of misinformation... 

Skip the abusive apprenticeship...
...and start working professionally as a tattoo artist in a studio - all in as little as 90 days instead of years it would normally take.

And the best part of it is that there isn’t anything those other tattooers can do to stop you.

Because there’s no rules against me taking you on as... let’s say my virtual apprentice...
And teaching you everything I know over video.

which means you can learn to tattoo through a course or live calls with zero problems.

And that’s exactly what thousands of Tattooing 101 students have done to find their place in the tattoo industry.

Not too long ago...

We started with a little book teaching people how to do linework and posting some tutorials on YouTube so new artists could learn basic tattoo techniques.

and as of today...

We have a comprehensive tattoo program including a 500-video tattoo tutorial library that’s helped over 5000 artists find their place in the tattoo industry.

It’s worked for artists at all ages and in all stages of life and most importantly, it’s going to work for you, too.

Here’s just a few artists who have used this program to get out of jobs they hate and change their lives

And right now, I’m about to show you what they’ve learned through our system so you can do the same thing.

The reason i’m sharing what i’ve had to fight tooth and nail for is twofold.


First, i don’t want any other artists to go through what i did.

As an apprentice, I lost years of my life - instead of spending time with friends and family,
I was spending time inside a sweltering studio.
I watched my relationships breakdown and saw my health go downhill 
Because I couldn’t afford to eat more than once a day.
I’ve heard the same stories from too many artists, and there’s no need for senseless suffering when there’s the ability to learn online
By sharing the knowledge I have online,
I’m able to help people get around the apprenticeship and see change in their life in a matter of months, instead of years it took me - without putting themselves through the same loss I dealt with.


Second, I’ve found that along with tattooing, my passion is teaching.

Seeing people make progress in life and knowing that I’ve had something to do with it has given me some of the proudest moments of my life.
But if I’m only able to one person at a time…
The number of people I can help is limited.
Teaching online allows me to help as many artists as I possibly can.
Watching people afford to send their kids to a better school or having the income to quit a day job they’ve hated for years…all by doing something they love lights me up.

Because of that, here’s what I’m going to do for you today.

number 1

You’ll be getting all the knowledge you’d get in a traditional apprenticeship...

Boiled down into an organized system that thousands of artists have used to get into the industry in just a few months.
Which means, you won’t have to go through years of trial and error, and you can skip all the extra work, chores, and hazing that comes with an apprenticeship that has nothing to do with your dream career. 

number 2

As you go through the program, you’ll be getting step-by-step tutorials of proper tattoo technique

... as if you were watching over our shoulders in our tattoo studio.
As you rapidly build your skills, you’ll have what you need to build a rewarding career that allows you to provide for your family while doing what you love.
Which means that in as little as 90 days, you’ll be tattooing professionally with a portfolio that will get you into any tattoo shop you want to work in... 
Even if you’ve never tried tattooing or even picked up a drawing pencil before.

Here’s how you can do this:

In a minute, you’ll see a button appear below this video. 
  • Once you click that button, you’ll go to a secure page where you can get instant access to our full system and start tattooing today.
  • Once inside, you’ll have full access to all our tutorials, which are organized to build your skills and so you’re never left guessing at what to do next.
  • ​The steps are easy, the videos are to-the-point, and one of our professional tattoo artists will walk you through the tattooing process every step of the way.
  • Next, you’re going to gain access to our members-only Mastermind Group. This is where you can get feedback from me and the other professional artists.
  • ​After that, it’s as simple as following along with each video - including quick lessons on our favorite tattoo machines, drawing materials, and equipment - so that you can get your practice station up and running quick.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried tattooing, or even if you don’t consider yourself a good “artist.”

Others with zero drawing experience and no knowledge of the tattoo industry have used this program to start working professionally in a studio.

Nina quit her accounting job, learned to tattoo, and opened her own busy studio in less than a year…
Austin quit his 4am wakeup calls as a construction worker and now controls his own schedule as a professional tattoo artist…
Heather transitioned to a tattooing career without ever going a week without a paycheck while caring for her son and paying a mortgage…
Justin escaped a dead-end apprenticeship where he’d learned nothing for 6 months, and learned online. He’s now winning awards at tattooing conventions…

These are just a few of the hundreds of stories in just the last two years that are happening to other aspiring artists...

And when you join them inside the Tattooing 101 community today, this story could be yours, too.

And I’m so sure that this’ll work for you - I’m going to give you an offer you won’t be able to turn down.
Normally, tattoo schools and programs charge thousands for individual classes that only teach you one skill or one style of tattooing.
But the tattoo artists who created this program aren’t in it for the money. 

We’re doing it to help others get into a creative career that can change their lives.

I’m doing this so anyone who was in the same shoes I was back in 2010 has access to the information they need to move forward instead of making mistakes and building bad habits that take years to correct.

And the only way we could reach thousands…was to offer all our knowledge in an online training course you can watch on your computer the moment you gain access.

You can get instant access to the online course for only $597.

  • This means you’re saving thousands of dollars and years of your time... for less than the cost of a half sleeve.
  • You’ll be part of the encouraging Tattooing 101 community where students are constantly learning, working together, and changing their lives for the better.

Now think about it.

You could spend thousands of dollars…
Put years of your life into learning…

Miss important family milestones…
And watch as others surpass you in their own careers and lives…


You could get all the same skills in a proven system that leads to a rewarding career… for less than 600 bucks.

Now, I know most people don’t have the $597 to pay for this whole course right now.
So, that’s why we’ve got a payment plan in place, if you need it.

Instead of paying everything up front, you can spend $59 per month for 12 months

And then the program is yours forever and you’ll never receive another bill from us.

And you can even try out the program risk-free for 30 days.

Watch as much of the material as you’d like…
And if it doesn’t prove to you that you have what it takes to become a tattoo artist…
Just message me at, and I’ll give you every cent of your money back, no questions asked.
Now, the only reason I’m willing to offer that money-back guarantee is because I’m confident the program will work for you like it has for so many.

So to take advantage of this opportunity, just go and click on the button below this video.

You’ll go to a secure checkout page and register as a new member.
Once you’re in, you’ll be ready to dive into the Welcome video…
And you’ll get the instructions to join our private, members-only Mastermind Group.
And you’ll gain access to our library of artist interviews from around the world, as well as our 30-Day Flash Challenge which will help you create your own tattoo artist portfolio for FREE as bonuses for joining the program.

bonus 1

exclusive online Tattooing 101 - Mastermind group

When you join the Artist Accelerator Program, you get invited into our exclusive online Tattooing 101 - Mastermind group. 

Here, you can talk directly to me and other professional tattoo artists to get feedback on your work, ask questions when you’re stuck, join community live calls, and find inspiration and encouragement from other people who are on the same journey as you.

bonus 2

30-Day Flash Challenge

The second bonus you’ll be getting is the 30-Day Flash Challenge. 
This bonus course will walk you through all different styles of tattooing and different mediums to help you create a portfolio that any shop owner would love to see in just 30 days.

bonus 3

entire library of artist

And for your third bonus, you’ll be getting our entire library of artist interviews. We traveled all over the world to talk to leading tattoo artists so you can get a look behind the curtain into the industry and how it works. 

We’ve also talked to artists across all industries and mediums so you can get inspiration and expand your own skills as well as business professionals, shop owners, accountants, and more so you can be prepared to enter the business side of tattooing without feeling lost or confused.

This really is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Just $597 for a career that gives you complete flexibility and a creative job that you’re always excited to wake up to.

And while our goal is to keep the price this low for as long as possible…
That’s probably not going to be the case for long.
And this might be the only chance you have to get started today for less than $600.

And I know it might not feel like the “right time.”

Your schedule is busy.
But here’s the thing: there’s never a “good time” to start learning a new skill or building a new career. 
But there is a “bad time” to do it - and that’s next year, in five years, or in a decade from now.

Remember, you could be tattooing professionally in just a few months…

…Or you could be in the same spot, still putting off your dream career.

But since you’re here, and you haven’t clicked the button yet…

You might not be 100% sure about diving in.

So, since you’re here, let me tell you about Phil.

He’d spent years in the military, moving every 2 years to a new base.
He knew he was ready to get out and wanted tattooing to be the career waiting for him when he made the leap….
But since he was constantly shipped out to a new base, he was never in the same spot long enough to get an apprenticeship.
He knew that if he wanted to get into the industry…
He couldn’t wait for an apprenticeship…
Or keep hoping a tattooer would recognize his passion and give him a shot.

He had to make his own opportunity.

He went through the system...
And gained the skills that no one else would offer just because he had other responsibilities on his plate.

He set himself a goal: To make $2000 tattooing.

But he found out…
With his skills and the things he’d learned from the opportunity he made for himself…
He could make that in a single weekend.

He realized that if there was going to be a change in his life...

He was the one who had to take action.

And now, you’re in the same place.

you’re at the moment right before you take action and change your life.

It’s easy to feel like someone is going to come in and save you.
An apprenticeship is going to magically open...
Or someone is going to see your talent and hand you an opportunity.
But maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

you found this video for a reason.

And there’s a reason you stuck to the end.
Because you know that becoming a tattoo artist is something you want deep down
Of course, you can choose to ignore that passion and pretend you never saw this video…

But I want you to consider this:

If I’m wrong, and this program doesn’t work for you…
All that happened was you watched a few videos in the program and sent me an email to get all your money back anyway.

But what if I’m right…

And today - right now...

You have the ticket you need to escape a job you hate
Build your dream career, and make a comfortable living through your art working the hours you pick.
I hope to see you in the group.


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If you don’t think it’s worth this small investment (literally less than one tattoo session) then we’re happy to give you all your money back


Payment Plan
Lifetime access
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  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​Artist Accelerator Program
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!