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Become a professional tattoo artist in 90 days... 
even if you've never held a paintbrush or tattoo machine before!

What Our Students Say About The Artist Accelerator Program:


Justin Underwood 
- South Dakota, USA


Guy Newell 
- Reading, UK


Doog Merc 
- New Jersey, USA


Isiah Birchmeier
- Michigan, USA


Chris Koveleski 
- Pennsylvania, USA


Ashley Casavant 
- British Columbia, CA

Hi, I'm Jay. 
Tattoo Artist, World Traveler, 
and Author of  Tattooing 101

I started tattooing more than 10 years ago, probably in the same place you're at now...
Trying to piece together all the wrong (and often dangerous) tattoo information out there.
I went shop to shop begging for an apprenticeship, but as I'm sure you're finding out.. 

It wasn't so easy!

So I had to figure it out by myself...

But you no longer have to!

In this short post I'm going to break down everything you'll need to know to become a
Professional Licensed Tattoo Artist in 9 Simple Steps!

American Tattoo Legend Ed Hardy

How do I know this works?

When I was first starting I spent every dollar I had traveling the world to meet, get tattooed by, and in some cases work directly with some of the best artists in the world.

Japanese Tattoo Legend Horiyoshi III

I even went back to school to get my art and business degree so I could better understand the art AND business side of running successful tattoo shops.

So what does this mean for you?

I'd come back from each trip and immediately begin testing what I learned in my own work while teaching friends and apprentices...

This made sure the techniques were fully transferable.

We developed a PROVEN system that works for anyone...

We've Had:

✅ Stay at home Moms
✅ Artists looking for a career change
✅ Art students
✅ Seniors
✅ Even those just curious about the industry!
✅ If you are serious and can hold a pencil... you can tattoo!

Many of our students have gone on to become full time professional artists while...

A few even run their own Tattoo shops now!

Okay Okay... you Know it works.

But HOW Does it Work?

Any artist who's become a professional had to master these 9 steps (wether they realized it or not). 

We just simply turned it into a step by step system to...

Take the guesswork out of becoming a professional tattoo artist!

Step One: Mindset

One of the biggest things that holds beginner artists back is the inner doubt saying they can’t do it! 

In this module we help you get out of your own way, silence the doubt, and set you up for success!

Step Two: Sanitation

Of course we can’t start a professional tattoo career without an understanding of sanitation and sterilization practices. 

So in this module we break it down and even help you get your BBP certification before moving on to…

Step Three: Shop Knowledge

This module breaks down the day to day operations of how a tattoo shop operates so you can go into your first, fifth, or 100th tattoo shop and studio owners will see you as an asset and love to hire you.

Step Four: Drawing

This begins the second phase of training and here we dive into drawing for tattoo designs, which is MUCH different than just drawing on a canvas or paper. 

Here we make sure you master the fundamentals of creating long lasting working of art.

Step Five: Painting

This brings us to painting where we learn traditional flash design while mastering color theory, balance, and proper tattoo fundamentals all at the same time.

We'll take a look at other mediums as well including photoshop and procreate design.

Step Six: Equipment

Here we look at all the equipment you’ll be working with over the course of your career.
This means building and tuning tattoo machines, making needles, and mastering equipment maintenance so you never feel lost, overwhelmed, or unsure of what equipment to use.

Step Seven: Lining

Now that we’ve mastered all the skills that came before we can finally focus solely on just the operations of the tattoo machine. If you’ve done your homework in the last two phases this will be easy!

Step Eight: Shading

Here we look at rotaries, coils and cartridge systems - what each one is used for, what needles to use for what piece and how to keep your work lasting for years to come.

Step Nine: Getting Into a Shop

By this point you’ll have a solid portfolio ready to go and then it’s time to get you into a shop as a professional artist!

Here we of course build out your portfolio but also look at branding and building out a simple website for your work to live on (don't worry it's easier than it sounds).

While these 9 steps are fun and easy to get through...

The World's First COMPLETE Tattoo Artist Education

This isn't just a course that throw some videos at you and says "good luck" like some others on the market...
Let me show what all you're going to get:

More Than 500 Lessons!

Don't feel overwhelmed...

We walk you through them step by step with


Each Lesson Has:

✅ Video demonstrations
✅ Written Worksheet
✅ Homework
✅ Quizes
✅ 24/7 SUPPORT!

In fact, just to make this a NO-BRAINER Offer
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✅ Artist Critique So You're Interview Ready

Just this program alone we’re currently charging $200 for but you’re going to get it today for FREE with your Artist Accelerator Enrollment!

This is the fastest way to master tattoo design and build a world class portfolio.

In the Process of doing so you’re going to learn to draw, paint, and even discover digital design and other mediums even if you’ve never held a brush before!

Bonus #2 - Tattoo Artist Mastermind

✅ Private Members Only Mastermind
✅ 24/7 Access - Never Get Stuck Again!
✅ Central Learning Hub

Connect with artists from around the world and get feedback, guest spot opportunities, and study with like minded artists in your new private community.

With this engaged community in your pocket you never have to feel stuck again! Post any question you have about tattooing - you’re no longer having to figure it out on our own so please take advantage of this incredible group.

Last point here is that this is really the central learning hub for all of tattooing 101 - we hold meetings here, calls, and even LIVE interviews.

Bonus #3 - ALL Recordings of Past Interviews

✅ Meet Artists From Around the World!
✅ Artists, Business Pros, Tattooers
✅ LIVE Q&A Every Friday

Artist Interviews from around the world! 
You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to travel around the world to learn from these great artists - we live streamed them straight into the private community for artists to ask questions live and you get all the recording as a BONUS!

These are worth more than the entire program by themselves...

On top of that, if you join the artists accelerator today before the price goes up we’re doing LIVE calls each and every Friday!

I hop on a zoom call and we answer your questions 1:1 face to face! If you felt stuck on a topic or want more detailed information, just hop on the live call and we’ll get you unstuck. Can make the call? Of course it’s recorded and added to your lifetime access in the vault…

Now to be fair it’s more than a decade of our life creating this program 
which is teaching you a skillset that you’ll have for life! 

So I had to ask... what's a fair price to charge for tuition?

Well when I went to art school, the average cost was around $42,000, but of course they were just teaching basic design principles… nothing about tattooing or actually making money from your art.

Likewise the few tattoo schools that are out there and are charging $5,000, $10,000, even $15,000 in some cases!

And most of the time they're just teaching the basics...

Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for $10,000 to join this program...

Although between you and me it's worth it...


I thought...

For teaching you a lifelong career, and offering something that took us more than a decade to create...

$2,500 Would be a fair price

But then I remembered when I was first learning to tattoo...

All the times I had doors slammed in my face and told NO...

This is part of my legacy and I want to make it available to everyone who's serious about learning this amazing craft!

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How long do I have access for?
You Have lifetime access to all of the material so you can keep coming back to it for your entire tattoo career!
What currency is Tattooing 101 priced in?
United States Dollars (USD). All US sales tax are included in your tuition, there's nothing else to pay.
How do I get support?
Once you're a member you can ask questions directly in the group, or just show up for one of our live calls. If you're having trouble purchasing on this page for some reason just shoot me an email at Jay@tattooing101.com

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