Tattooing 101 sketchbook w/ 74 hand drawn designs

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Hey, it’s brandon from tattooing 101!

I just wanted to tell you about the Tattooing 101 sketchbook that we recently finished putting together.

Inside, it's got 74 tattoo designs that I have personally hand drawn for you. Each one of these designs are ready to tattoo right away; you can literally print them out and put them on someone's skin.

If you struggle with drawing tattoo designs, then you definitely need this sketch book Because...

It will give you a huge stack of professional quality designs that you can tattoo straight away.
It will save you years of trial and error trying to figure out how to draw tattoos on your own. 
You will learn how to draw designs that fit the shape of the body and flow with the muscles.
It will give you a stack of designs that you can use as references for creating your own art when you need inspiration to draw.

The drawings in the book took a few months to complete. Why are we letting it go so cheap?

Back when I was getting started in tattooing, very few people were willing to help me. 

And resources like this were simply not around back then. Because of that my road to becoming a tattoo artist was much longer and more painful than it had to be. I don't want that for you, which is why I made this book so you can make better tattoos and learn faster. 

But with that said, I can only give out a limited amount before there’s a couple hundred people out there walking around with the same tattoo (which would suck).

So if you want to grab a copy, I highly recommend you pick one up today before we have to take this page down.

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Tattooing 101 sketchbook w/ 74 hand drawn designs for only $47!

If you’re still on the fence, don't stress. If after purchasing the sketch book you don't think it was worth the money, just send me an email at I'll refund your money, you can even keep the book.