How to Make 6 Figures in Your First Year of Tattooing

Psst…Most Tattoo Artists DON’T KNOW How To Do This
Hi, I’m Nathan!

Tattoo Artist, Marketing Specialist, and Lead Instructor of Tattooing 101

I started tattooing over a decade ago, doing what you’re probably doing now: posting my work on Instagram, hoping that social media would help me build my career. But if you don’t know how to guarantee that people are seeing - and buying - your art, you can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to pay the bills as a tattoo artist. 

I took a deeper look into the marketing side of the tattoo industry.

Most tattoo artists focus on improving their art skills…but not their selling skills.

In fact, most tattoo artists don’t even know that they should be thinking about marketing at all - and that’s what keeps them broke. 
I don’t want that to happen to you. So I’m going to show you the steps to take to start selling your tattoos (without begging people for likes and comments).

How can I guarantee this works?

A few years ago, the tattoo shop I was working in closed its doors for good due to COVID. When the world opened back up, I went to work for one of the only places that had made it through the year-long lockdown: a tattoo shop franchise that had multiple studios all over Australia
Let me tell you, their marketing department had no problem getting customers in the door (and raking in cash). 

While I was there, I learned how they did it

I not only helped the studio I was at open a new location by using marketing to generate $20K-worth of tattoo bookings with just one social media post…
I also took the principles I learned and started using them for my personal career…

So, how does this help YOU on your journey?

After finding success by building a community around my own tattoos, I was able to boil down the marketing principles I learned into a solid, 3-phase system that any tattoo artist can use to connect with an audience and sell their work - even if they have no marketing experience. 
This means that you can build a marketing machine that sends you clients who love your art…without having to spend hours a day on social media.

We’ve Created a 3-Phase “Marketing Machine” Blueprint That Anyone Can Use

(No Graphic Design Work, No Tech Skills, and No “Influencer” Social Media)


Build and Grow an Audience

Create an online community surrounding your art, build out your branding with easy-to-use templates, and set yourself up for sustainable growth with automated booking, payment systems, and more that do all the back end work for you.  


Nurture Your leads

Use content creation templates to publish social media posts that allow potential customers to know, like, and trust you so that they feel comfortable getting a tattoo from you (and become repeat clients).


Turn Your Audience Into Buyers

Use referrals, reviews, and flash days to get your audience to book in with you and become repeat clients.

Our students have used these marketing tactics to go from no clients to booked out fast in months instead of years.

After she started tattooing, Nina used her new marketing skills to turn her passion into a fulltime job. She now uses marketing tactics daily to advertise her own tattoo studio.
A muralist and freelance artist, Austin wanted to make a little extra money on the side tattooing. Within 3 months of working on skin, Austin was tattooing full-time, making $6K a month using the exact same marketing machine inside the course. 
Heather used the marketing tactics we teach in this course to build her client list. She’s now booked out 3 months in advance with a waiting list 50 people deep.

Here’s a Breakdown of What You’ll Get in Each Phase of Our Marketing Machine:


Build and Grow an Audience Through Your Facebook Group

Most tattoo artists post their work to social media and hope for the best. 
In this module, I’ll give you all the marketing assets you need and show you how to make your own tattoo community - so you can consistently communicate with clients without playing games with social media algorithms.
You get:
  • Business card templates
  • Loyalty program templates
  • Pre-built referral program
  • ​Pre-made “Free Gift” to encourage people to join your Facebook Group
  • ​Step-by-step Facebook Group Startup Guide
  • ​Calendar automation tutorial so clients can book in without your help
  • ​Deposit collection system so you’re guaranteed a deposit before you start drawing
And more...


Nurture Your Audience with our Simple “Journal Posting” Method

In this module, you’ll learn what the 4 types of content are and how they can help your audience come to know, like, and trust you - the 3 pillars of the client-artist relationship that prepares them to buy from you and no one else.
That means that no matter how much more experience your competition has - or how much they cut your prices - your clients will only want to get tattooed by you.
You get:
  • The easy “Journal Posting” content creation method that makes building a relationship with your audience effortless so that clients reach out to you…instead of you having to chase them
  • An overview of different types of content and how to recycle posts so you spend less time on social media
  • Content calendar tutorial so you never run out of ideas
  • Complete lesson on how to photograph your tattoos to capture the attention of your audience


Discover how to Sell Your Tattoos

Get customers through the door and turn your passion into a reliable income that allows you to tattoo full-time without needing any side gigs or worrying about being forced to go back to a dead-end job.
You get:
  • Flash design creation tutorial
  • Complete Flash Day Launch Kit
  • Scripts to get referrals and reviews from customers who love your work
  • DM consultation templates to save you time and frustration

This course is for serious artists who want to make tattooing their full time job.

If you’re learning tattooing as a hobby so you can safely tattoo yourself, your family, and your friends…then that’s totally cool. But I’ll be honest - you don’t need this course.
But if you want to use your passion to fuel a fulfilling - and high-earning - career that supports your family…
Then you cannot afford to leave your growth up to chance. 

You’re competing against tens of thousands of tattoo artists…

But don’t be overwhelmed. Because these marketing tools are proven to get clients in the door…
Help you reach your earning potential as an artist…
And start making money much sooner than you thought possible.

The ONLY thing that could make this easier is if we made everything you need to get started for you. (Oh wait, we did!)

When you join the 6-Figure Artist Blueprint Course, you’ll get everything you need to put yourself months ahead of the game:

bonus 1

Social Media Post Samples (GIANT File)

Get a giant file full of social media post samples proven to get clients and make sales so you can copy them for yourself. 
Tons of ideas for posts that get your community members to like, know, and trust you so that they buy tattoos from you (no more cringey “time available” posts).

bonus 2

Pre-Made Marketing Materials Templates

Making business cards, loyalty cards, and other marketing materials can be hard. But you shouldn’t have to become a professional graphic designer just to get your tattoo business off the ground.
These popular, professional templates will let you skip the design process so you can just plug in your name and start building your business. 

bonus 3

Done-for-You Sketchbook Lead Magnet

MOST people who like tattoos aren't ready to get tattooed right now. If you're only getting the attention of people who are ready to get tattooed're competing for a tiny number of customers.
BUT if you can get the attention of people who want to get tattooed in the future - and build a relationship with them - then you'll be their first thought the moment they're ready to get tattooed.
Giving them a sketchbook full of tattoo inspiration sparks that relationship, allowing you to build a never-ending flow of clients (and create a steady income) without having to worry about "beating out" the competition.

bonus 4

Social Media Post Content Calendar

Coming up with a new idea to post to your group every day is difficult, making it hard to stay consistent and excited. Our Content Calendar is an easy-to-use “idea generator” that will allow you to come up with endless ideas and take all the guesswork out of posting online. 

bonus 5

12-Month Promotional Calendar

Running promotions each month to get clients excited about your work and encourage them to book in to unlock extra rewards is an easy way to draw in customers and keep your schedule full.
This 12-Month Calendar will give you a promotion to run each month, as well as pre-made post templates to use in your groups to get the word out. Enjoy fun themes surrounding holidays, engage with your audience to support other local businesses as well as deserving charities, and keep ‘em guessing with exciting giveaways, flash days, and more. 
Here’s the thing:

You can be an amazing tattoo artist.
But if no one knows about your tattooing…All your hard work won’t amount to much cash in your pocket.

And speaking of cash…

I’m not going to be charging you an arm and a leg for this course - even though using the tactics inside will increase your earnings by 50%, 100%, or even 150%+!

50% of Earnings


I’m not going to take half of every single tattoo you do - which is what a tattoo shop will do if they advertise for you.



I’m not even going to charge you the $1000 you’ll make in just one day if you use only the “Hosting a Flash Day” module.
I know how brutal it is to try and advertise your work only to see no results, no new clients, and no money from all your effort…

Which is why I want you to have this course for only $397 $297.


Lifetime Access
Easy, secure
one-time payment
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​6-Figure Artist Blueprint Course
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!


If you don’t think it’s worth this small investment (literally less than one tattoo session) then we’re happy to give you all your money back


Payment Plan
Lifetime access
3 payments
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​​6-Figure Artist Blueprint Course
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!

And to give you the final nudge you need to take a chance on your dream

If, within 30 days, you try out the course and decide it's not for you, just shoot me a message at, and I’ll refund all your money. 
Now that the money’s out of the way…
If you’re worried about the time
Then I hope you’ll think about it this way: 

You need to sell your art to succeed as a tattoo artist.

You can either spend hours of your own time trying to figure out how to gain followers and spend days trying to make your own marketing materials and website…
Or, you can use my pre-built templates, cards, and social posts to put together your brand in a matter of hours and learn how to attract and engage future customers with posts that take less than 15 minutes a day.
The choice is yours.


Lifetime Access
Easy, secure
one-time payment
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​6-Figure Artist Blueprint Course
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!


If you don’t think it’s worth this small investment (literally less than one tattoo session) then we’re happy to give you all your money back


Payment Plan
Lifetime access
3 payments
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • ​6-Figure Artist Blueprint Course
  • ​All bonuses!
  • ​And much more!

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