Start Making $4,000-
$10,000 Per Month tattooing 
in the next 12 weeks

Without any business experience OR decades of tattooing under your belt

Become one of the highest-paid most in-demand local tattoo artists in 12 weeks.
Let us coach you there...

Hey Brandon here and in this video, I’m going to give you something that’s 
going to allow you to start making four to ten thousand a month tattooing…
  • Without having to have decades of experience…
  • Without a giant social media presence pulling in clients…
  • Without needing any contacts already in the industry to get you into a shop.
No, it’s not a course… It’s not a book or a checklist or the generic advice you’ve heard before… And it’s not even a follow-along program like our proven Artist Accelerator Program.

It’s something even more impactful to you 
as a unique artist.

In fact, it’s based on your personal journey
Because we’ll be talking about your tattooing… And achieving your goals - together.

That means having the skills to do any tattoo you can imagine…

While building a brand that adds value to your work so you can charge more for your tattoos… Travel for your art and always be able to find clients… And make your own schedule with no overhead to answer to when you want to take a day off…

Or spend time with your family.
And one of the best and fastest ways to do that is to get an experienced tattoo artist to look at your work and help you determine your personal path into the industry based on your strengths.
With that one-on-one help, you can get past the “figuring it out” stage and break into the industry faster, easier, and without the disheartening and time-consuming setbacks and mistakes that most artists have to deal with…because you’ll have someone telling you exactly what to do.

That’s because getting one-on-one help is the most valuable asset to anyone trying to reach the next level.

  • ​It’s why NBA players have coaches…
  • ​It’s why armies have commanders…
  • ​It’s why students have professors.
And if you think about it - you don’t have any high performance individuals without a coach or mentor behind the scenes…
This structure is engrained in our society because it ensures success.

Because there is someone telling them exactly what to do, they don’t have to figure it out…

They can simply perform.

If they have to do both jobs and they try to figure it out and perform at the same time - something’s going to have to give…

And in most cases…

That either means a huge sacrifice of their time…

Or losing their passion entirely.
So, as a new artist, you have to ask yourself:

Would you like to figure it out… Or 
would you like to simply perform at the professional level? you decide.

Now the thing is - how do you know you need coaching in the first place?

As a part of the Artist Accelerator Program, you have what you need to start tattooing at the professional level… And build a portfolio that gets you into a shop.

We aren’t breaking that promise. You can get into the industry with just the Artist Accelerator Program.

For a lot of new artists, that is enough - we’ve had thousands of students already do it.
  • But if you need to get out of a dead-end job you hate fast…
  • Or you’re the type of learner that needs hands-on help and accountability…
  • Or you already know you want to open your own shop right out the gate…
  • Or you simply want to push yourself harder so you can reach your full artistic potential…

That’s how you know you need coaching.

Because coaching can get you further, faster… For people who want to reach that next level.

And that’s why for the first time ever, we’re offering personalized private coaching that’s designed to not only get your skills to the professional level…

But actually get you into the industry, working full time as an artist, and living your dream, being your own boss while doing what you love.

With private coaching from me and 
Nathan, you’ll be able to reach that 
next level faster than you ever 
thought possible…

And it all starts when you book your free call for your FREE breakthrough session. 
In this call we’ll…
  • Identify where you are in your artistic journey, and discuss which tattoo styles work best with your drawing skills so you can work with your strengths - and not against them - and start working as a tattoo artist sooner.
  • Help you implement what you’ve learned in the Artist Accelerator Program, define your overall career goals, and discuss how we can get you there with achievable milestones.
  • Answer any questions you may have about coaching and determine whether it’s a good fit for your journey.
  • Above all, we’re here to help you see success.
If you’re serious about breaking ito the industry and you want to discover which tattoo style will get you tattooing professionally the fastest…

Book your breakthrough coaching
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How Does Private Coaching Work?

During the 12-week private coaching system, we’ll work directly with you to implement a roadmap that gets you where you want to be by builds your tattooing career in 3 phases: drawing, tattooing, and marketing. This way, at the end of your 12 weeks, you’re making a sustainable income from tattooing, and you have the tools to continue advancing your career for years to come.

Students who go through the program will have the skills and knowledge they need to create incredible tattoos and draw in new customers with minimal effort. This means that they can build a business around themselves that allows for financial freedom and a rewarding creative career.
In this all-inclusive coaching, you will:
  • Receive personalized video feedback on your artwork and tattoos that explains exactly how
    to overcome any technical struggles you’re dealing with so that your skills are shop-ready.
  • Make technology work for you…even if you aren’t tech savvy. Automatically take online
    bookings, deposits, and use Instagram and/or Facebook to build a following that comes
    to you (so you never have to chase work).
  • ​Learn to use our “fast content” journal posting method so you can build relationships with
    future clients and grow a community that loves your art without spending all your time
    glued to your phone.
  • ​Prepare for interviews with tattoo shops so you can enter the industry with confidence
    and prove you’re an asset to any studio.
  • ​Have easy access to me and Nathan through direct messaging so you can get your
    questions answered quickly and receive advice tailored to your situation.
  • ​Get weekly 1-on-1 calls to discuss your career, next steps, and personalized advice on
    technique, art, and getting into the industry as a whole.
Our coaching students build their brand and unlock their artistic potential so they can steer their tattooing career instead of simply grasping at whatever opportunities pop up.

Coaching also helps you get past the #1 hurdle that causes most new artists to stumble: accountability. When you have mentors supporting you and a small group of dedicated artists excited about building their careers alongside one another, it becomes much easier to make time for your work and prioritize your future.

We only accept a limited number of artists for each session to make sure we’re giving each coaching student the time and attention they need to see the success they’ve invested in.

Our 3-Phase System that Turns Beginner Artists into Confident Professionals:

constant support

Get video feedback, weekly coaching calls, and direct message access to Nathan and Brandon. 

With mentors on opposite sides of the world, there is help constantly available no matter what time you’re practicing, which means you’re never left feeling stuck.

Unique Brand

Inside the program, you’ll not only get the skills you need to tattoo full-time but you’ll also build a brand that increases your earning potential and opens new doors in your career.

Many of our coaching students have decided to travel for their work or open their own studios where they now have complete control over their schedule.

Proven Path

Follow a step-by-step plan that’s been proven to turn new tattooers into professional tattoo artists and business owners. 

We tailor each week’s lessons and milestones to YOUR needs so you can excel faster.
If you’re serious about turning your passion for tattooing into a profitable business that hits the ground running in just 12 weeks…

Student Success Stories

Here’s Everything You Get with
Private Coaching


Get a clear list of everything you need to do each 
week to reach your goals of:
  •    Drawing world-class tattoo designs.
  •    Tattooing at the professional level.
  •    Being booked out with clients who love your work.


Master the classic American Traditional designs that clients want again and again. Inside the calendar, your reference images are already locked and loaded so you waste zero time searching for help


We’ve turned tattooing into a science. When you follow the proven drills we provide each day, you will see a massive improvement in your skills.


We’ll tell you exactly what to say in your posts on social media so you can keep your client base engaged (without spending hours on captions or being glued to your phone). 


Easily keep track of customers who are part of your loyalty and referral programs with a made-for-you system that makes it simple to turn your clients into a commission-based marketing army that constantly sends new clients your way.


Build a simple system that automatically adds potential clients to your email list contacts so you can keep them in the loop on promotions, flash days, your availability, and more without any extra work.


Every week, you’ll have a one-on-one call with us where we’ll focus on your progress, areas for improvement, and your goals within the industry. Receive personalized advice so you can see improvement faster and gain insight into the industry.


With a mentor on opposite sides of the world, it doesn’t matter when you practice or have a question - someone is always online to help you out and keep you moving forward. 


Applying feedback on your tattooing technique is the single most important factor to rapidly improving your art. As a coaching student, you get first priority for our feedback, and you receive detailed advice tailored to your work so you can self-correct sooner and avoid bad habits or wasted time.


Don’t spend weeks pulling together your marketing materials. Instead, use our pre-made templates to present yourself like a professional right away.

You’ll get all the templates you need as a tattoo business:
  •    Loyalty program cards
  •    Referral cards
  •    Business cards
  • ​   Gift certificates
  •    Sketchbook cover​


Get everything you need to run a successful flash day. With our pre-made materials, you can worry less about the admin work and be certain you have everything in place for a successful launch that brings in dozens of customers.
If you’re serious about breaking ito the industry and you want to discover which tattoo style will get you tattooing professionally the fastest…

Book your breakthrough coaching 
session for free


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If you’re serious about turning your passion for tattooing into a profitable business that hits the ground running in just 12 weeks…